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A new dawn for your leaders

academy management and leadership programs
prepare managers to succeed right from the start – in the
spirit of excellence you need from your people
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Dollars and sense

Far-sighted financial management
training delivered with a focus on
excellence and fun
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Engage your customers. And they’ll call you…

Sales and service programs that help your people
to go beyond ‘selling’ and ‘customer service’, building
an excellent reputation, better customer experiences
and lasting relationships for your business
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Waste not, want not

Academy Green proudly delivers industry-leading,
accredited training in waste management, transport
and logistics
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Why academy corporate training?

Fulfilling your training and development needs
We do this together. academy works hand-in-hand with organisations across
Australia to develop people’s skills and careers via fully customised corporate training.

People learn and enjoy themselves
– Continuously stretching the definition of corporate training, the team at
academy provides three-dimensional programs. What do we mean by that?
You will equally love our faciliators, content and delivery.

Nationally-recognised qualifications
– Our corporate training results in better productivity for your business, and also gives your people a qualification for life.

The right people delivering the right course for the right investment
– Not only are we a registered training organisation (RTO) – with all the peace of mind that comes from
knowing we are accredited – in many instances, we can also help you access funding for your corporate training.

Who needs academy corporate training?

Training can provide enormous productivity, morale and profitability benefits to your company, but it has to
be training that’s right for you.

Your academy team will work side-by-side with your company to provide tailored:

academy is a corporate training provider, working hand-in-hand with organisations across Australia to fulfill their training needs and develop their people’s more »

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